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David Schimel is in the process of moving, so we are temporarily suspending orders from the website until he gets re-established.  We'll let you know when that is.  Thank you for your patience.



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"Resealing the Schimel Pistol" (written by Karl Paoletti).

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"Operating Guidelines for The Schimel Pistol" (written by David Schimel).

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Welcome to The Schimel website, sponsored by David and Jon Schimel, sons of Clifford Shimel and nephews of Orville Shimel, inventors and manufacturers of the Schimel pistol.    We are providing resources for hobbyists who maintain and use their Schimel pistols.  To do so, we are collecting information about all the guns in circulation.


Please let us know about your collection!   As demand warrants, we will arrange to manufacture replacement parts and provide information of value to collectors.   Please send this link to other Schimel collectors who you know.

To do so, click on the Contact page and fill in the form provided, or e-mail us at

David and Jon Schimel



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